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The UCIF is a company specialized in the production of prototypes , show cars , style models , industrial products and works of art. Moreover , thanks to the style department UCIF can provide its customers with a complete and competent service. The UCIF doesn’t want to be only a supplier for its customers, but a partner that listens to client needs and uses all its creativity and experience to provide the best service possible. A primary aspect for this company is the reliability and the accuracy in our work, in accordance with the agreed delivery time.

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Our services

Our mission is to achieve maximum results in terms of quality and production . The UCIF MODELLI provides all their creativity and experience to provide the best possible result to its customers .


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Our Projects

The Style department is the latest creation of UCIF in order to give their customer a comprehensive service, ranging from design to prototyping and, if necessary, to small production. Our designers are open to any type of project, from industrial design to artistic or architectural works.


Our Partners

Over the years the UCIF models has got to work directly or indirectly for major design firms, design and manufacture in Italy and worldwide.


UCIF Via Moncalieri 99/34 10048 VINOVO (TO) Tel: 011.965.38.94 E-mail: info@ucifmodelli.com apri mappa


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